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Professor de Inglês

  • São José, SC, Brazil
  • D - R$ 1.501,00 - 2.000,00
  • Efetivo

Descrição da vaga:

Descrição: The candidate is responsible for planning and teaching the contents of exams, participating in the organization of events and correction of tests. B2/c1 english level; We have our own methodology and materials, but it is also necessary to prepare extra classes besides teaching. The candidate must be communicative, sociable, friendly and extra points if he/she has experience teaching english to different ages. It is interesting that the candidate has availability at different periods, especially at night. English school is looking for an english teacher with a b2/c1 level and available all weekdays and all saturdays. In case you are interested, send us your information here and after analysis we’ll contact you to turn up at the school to take a teacher’s test, which may enable you for an interview.

Fonte do anúncio: www.vagasfloripa.com.br

Seg a sexta das 16:00 ate as 21:00 sab das 09 as 14:00

Salário: 1600 a 1900 + VT

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